Accident Investigations


NTSB Chief of Major Investigations

 EgyptAir Flight 990, Boeing 767-366ER, SU-GAP

10/31/1999, Nantucket, MA


Southwest Airlines Flight 1455, Boeing 737-300, N668SW

3/5/2000, Burbank, CA


Alaska Airlines Flight 261, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, N963AS

Loss of Control and Impact with Pacific Ocean

1/31/2000, Anacapa Island, CA


United Airlines Flight 585, Boeing 737-291, N999UA

Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain

3/3/1991, Colorado Springs, CO


NTSB Board of Inquiry

 American Airlines Flight 1420, McDonnell Douglas MD-82

Runway Overrun During Landing

6/1/1999, Little Rock, AR


Korean Air Flight 801, Boeing 747-300, HL7468

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

8/6/1997, Nimitz Hill, Guam


NTSB Operations Group Chairman

 Airborne Express Douglas DC-8-63, N827AX

Uncontrolled Flight Into Terrain

12/22/1996, Narrows, VA


Valujet Airlines Flight 592, DC-9-32, N904VJ

In-Flight Fire and Impact With Terrain

5/11/1996, Miami, FL


Tower Air Flight 41, Boeing 747-136, N605FF

Runway Departure During Attempted Takeoff

12/20/1995, JFK International Airport, NY


Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc., Flight 529, Embraer EMB-120RT, N256AS

In-flight Loss of Propeller Blade, Forced Landing, and Collision with Terrain

8/21/1995, Carrollton, GA


Simmons Airlines, American Eagle Flight 4184, Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) Model 72-212, N401AM

In-flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control

10/31/1994, Roselawn, IN


USAir Flight 427, Boeing 737-300, N513AU

Uncontrolled Descent and Collision With Terrain

9/8/1994, Aliquippa, PA


NTSB Operations Group member

 Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. Flight 2311, Embraer EMB-120, N270AS

Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain

4/5/1991, Brunswick, GA

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